You're invited: Torah Tuesdays Course on "DEUTERONOMY"

Host: Bishop Robert Stearns
Teacher: Mark Gerson

Join the weekly Global Bible Study!

Torah Tuesdays - when Jews, Christians, and anyone else who would like to join, come together to study the ancient Torah scriptures and explore their application to our lives today.


Luke Cobrae

"Too often the Old Testament scriptures have been overlooked by Christians as irrelevant to their lives today, but my life has been forever changed by this revolutionary study of the Torah.  The opportunity to study the same portion of the Bible together with Jewish and Christian brothers and sisters has been a game-changer.  Thank you, Bishop Stearns, for making this available!"

Jose Diaz 

"I have been privileged to participate in this historic Bible study with Jews and Christians from across the world. Led by Mark Gerson, one of the leading Jews in the world today, this class was not only deep, enriching, and provoking; it was also a beautiful glimpse into the future of deepening relationship between our two faiths. I am so thankful for the vision of my dear friend Bishop Robert Stearns and the Eagles' Wings team for hosting this extraordinary experience."

Michael Fisher

"Mark Gerson is an incredible teacher of God's Word and these Torah studies have been both inspirational and educational. The insights gained in these classes have been a blessing not only to me but to our congregation as deep truths are uncovered in the text that have real-life implications for our faith today."

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Hosted by: Bishop Robert Stearns & Taught by: Mark Gerson

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